Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Day 1

I took my small point and shoot camera with me this week while on Spring Break because I just can't lug the big Canon.  That being said I found lots of old photos that I could not upload or blog because our computer died so I will just start with Spring Break. Maybe I will get motivated to go back at some point, who knows? 

Monday was rainy and D has been talking non stop about ice skating.  He has done it a handful of times but with his current interest in ice hockey I think that might have been the driving force behind that being #1 on the list this week!
 We went to Memorial City and his daddy works across the street so he came to meet us for lunch.  He only had to work on Monday so we were glad to meet up with him!
 The determination level here was OFF THE CHARTS.  I text his dad multiple times and finally I said if he put this much determination into Reading he would be a genius!!

 He never gave up, never.  I had to give him a 15 minute count down after hours of skating then the little stinker went to the opposite end of the rink and would not come back.
At home he started to relax while I cooked sliders.
 And this was the damage left behind from skating!
All that matters was he had fun!  #makingmemorieswiththemero's

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