Friday, February 27, 2015

Valentines Day decor 2015

We had a laid back Valentines Day even though it fell on a Saturday :)  We decided to have a shrimp boil with just the 3 of us since my boy likes shrimp now.  NOTE TO SELF: never ever ever do this inside your home like we did.  Only outside like normal people!!  It was delicious but left the lingering smell for several days, ha!  That being said I will leave you with my conservative décor for the house..
The XOXO swag was new this year.  $5 from Hob Lob!  The red heart was old and the Pink heart was a first time display.

 I gave my little one a sock money this year and it has been his BFF ever since...love.

 The only thing new was my deer dinner bell so unrelated to V-day!
 I spy muted stripes on the kitchen wall - ADDICTED and need to stop.
 This is 2 wreaths, one made out of branches and the other with the hearts from the $1 store that I glued inside to make a bigger wreath appear, wa-la!

 Pink heart stand from Goodwill, $2 - trash to treasure man!

Hope you had a great one, I have 2 super Valentines that I love dearly.

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