Friday, February 27, 2015

Dominic's 9th birthday (cousins)

Based on D's flag football schedule and my work schedule we decided to celebrate with his cousins a week early.  I have done themed birthday parties for him since day one with the exception of one or two during our house being sold, move to apt, buy new house, move to house days where I needed "easier" and he was super cool with that.  So this year it hit me:  February birthday = Mardi Gras theme!

Dominic and his 3 cousins: Cole, Morgan and Gage.

 We took them bowling...

 And spent a million dollars on snacks....
 And helped cousin Gage with bowling...
 And returned home for pizza, cupcakes, ice cream and playing. Oh and the game Twister.  Confession=  I was so wiped out by Twister I did not get any photos.  In fact I did not move from the chaise lounge, I just kept spinning the dial and calling moves!

 Oh and a movie, Night at the Museum...with popcorn!
I know my baby had a great time with his cousins because it's the next day now and he still has a cousin hangover and is super tired!

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