Saturday, January 17, 2015

New foyer paint job!

I wanted to paint the part of the foyer I could reach, obviously not the 2 story portion.  Below is walking towards the front door from the living room and all I have done is put a fresh coat of paint (Agreeable Gray, Sherwin Williams) on about a month go.  Lighter than the light beige the previous owners had (seen on the small portion of wall below right, living room)
Here is the other side of the foyer I painted, still looking towards the front door.
If you look super close you can see my broken lines I drew while holding my laser level all the way across the wall.  I did the math and decided how many stripes and how thick a stripe so I knew where to start each new set of lines.
Then I taped. And measured and taped and measured and so on. Two big walls and the wall curving under the stair rail.  It took about 6-7 hours just to prep!
I chose a color one shade lighter than the Agreeable Gray on the color swatch to give me the contrast in color for the stripes and here they are!  A full 10-11 hour day for this project but worth it.  Again it had rained for days and then been cloudy for more than a week so my photos are super dark but you get the idea.
This is the angle walking in the front door, stripes on the left now and right, love!
The lamp shades look purple with all the clouds and lack of lighting but they are a pretty beige in real life.
p.s.  This project cost me a trip to the doctor because it caused a tendonitis flare up in my right arm from so many hours of painting and taping.

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