Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dominic's room makeover

I can't really say it's a makeover when it has never been done.  I have promised him for 1.5 years since we moved in that we would do his room. I just had to figure out what direction.
For starters he has never had a bedroom set.  He fell out of his crib at the young age of 20 months old so I decided then and there he would go into a Queen size bed.  I am not into buying several beds as they grow.  The crib cost an arm and a leg as it was! So we bought him a Queen mattress and left the box spring and mattress directly on the floor in case he slid off he would not have far to fall, since he was just a baby. So that is the bed you see.
For his birthday last year he chose bedroom furniture/ room makeover in the works and a Rockets game, ha!.  Here is his new furniture, rug, lamps and bedding  Please note the same curtains from his nursery and a white bedroom door.....

A few months ago it hit me.  Stripes.  They are so classic and timeless and I love them.  I painted his entire room Taupe and this wall behind the bed would be the accent wall with Naval colored stripes.
Stripes oh stripes, you almost killed me!  I read so many tutorials and had the basic idea/ supplies needed but nothing can prepare you for the headache of measuring, taping, measuring, taping and more measuring!  In the end they came out perfect.  I have no tutorial for you but my biggest resource was Jennifer over at Dimples and Tangles. Also you see a sneak peak of painted black interior doors.  They look awesome upstairs against the white trim work.
I searched high and low for curtains for his room but I could not find anything I liked nor close to what I would consider paying.  So, I set out to try to make my own. I had two plain beige panels from IKEA that came from the breakfast area and were not being used.  I came across Megan at Honey We're Home (Houston blogger, whoop!) and her tutorial on paining the curtain stripes herself. I bought the fabric medium that you add to the paint to soften it up and used the Naval colored paint from D's room stripes.  I ironed the panels before laying them out and taping them down and here they are all wrinkly again or so they appeared.  Same method, measure, tape, paint two coats and cross your fingers while they dry :)
I think they turned out awesome! And for only $5, the cost of the fabric medium!! 
 They are a little long even moving the rod all the way up to the ceiling but I tucked the bottoms under and they will be fine.  They won't be closed.  This was the only room in the entire house when we bought it that had "mini" blinds out of 23 windows! So my husband and Father in Law installed the 2" faux wood blinds to match the others and they look awesome.  Thank you Kevin for always supporting my efforts and my projects, I love you. And Papa K for your help too.
 I already have some Valentines Day décor up and I always do something special in D's room and bathroom which is why you see the banners on the window.  When he grows up I want him to remember my passion for decorating, creating and décor and that I always included his room with tiny hints as well.

So there you have it.  We still need the Expedit shelving unit from IKEA for all his Lego's, etc and maybe one Houston Texans fat head and his room will be done.  It has rained for 3 days so the pictures are very dark, sorry!

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