Sunday, March 9, 2014

D's first Houston Texans game - 2014

It took almost 8 years from the time he was born for his daddy and I to take him to an NFL game.  Some kids sit and enjoy games at an earlier age, not this one.  No, no, no.  We discussed it and decided this football season (2013) would be the year for him. He was finally showing a ton of interest in sports and especially football.  We purchased the tickets to the Houston Texans way.too.early.  Know why?  Prices.  Know why else?  Because they went 2-14.  In case I lost you, tickets plus parking plus a concession were about $400 total for 3 PEOPLE. THREE.  I lie awake at night with regret.  Never again will we purchase early.  That being said we built up the hype for him for months.  The first two games had us thinking playoffs, or dare I say, Superbowl contention.  My baby got a jersey, an "official" jersey as we prepared for the event of a life time.  We met a friend for brief tailgating on the way in. We were more excited about giving him a little tour of everything.
 The obligatory photo with dad in front of the 8th wonder of the world.

 And then with me. We did not do many events when I was a child but the Houston Oilers theme song does stand out. At this place.
 Bragging moment:  My hubby looking as good as JJ Watt and he is twice his age.  He works hard at it so he deserves the compliment.  Love you honey!
Little man ran the relay where they time you....
 And lastly, watching the pre-game warm up.  Andre Johnson to be specific.
I have no other photos after this.  It was another loss but we tried to be as positive as possible for Dominic.  I mean, what are you gonna do? #tryagainnextyear

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