Sunday, March 23, 2014

Christmas decor 2014

Ok! First Christmas in the new house means outside lights and decor do not fit exactly where they should! BUT, but.....this roof line is super duper high compared to our last house that was 2 story so there were no lights to be had up yonder.  No way would I risk my husbands safety and no way was I paying someone so....Lights down low it is!  I was not too excited about the plastic snowman you see FRONT AND CENTER. Someone at K's work bought it to win an office decorating contest ONE TIME and spent $40 at Hobby Lobby (sticker attached) then gave it to him.  WHO DOES THAT?! 
Inside the front door I put our nutcracker's instead of by the fireplace this year. Everything was just me trying stuff out in this house and seeing how I liked it!
New, $17 after Christmas sale last year.  Pre-lit and colored from Big Lots.
Wacky topper!
A cute girl elf....
and a cute boy elf, both after Christmas for $5 at CVS, score!

The big tree.  Trying new things. Prettier lit up than not.  Lotta work to do to get it where I want it but NO MONEY SPENT this year and that is super fine with me.
Re-purposed wreath from many years of Christmas.

Only thing new were the stockings this year.  50% off at Hob Lob so about $7 each.  D picked out his reindeer stocking in the middle.  ** OIY! I spy a new sleigh too!  75% off at Pier 1 last year after Christmas for $75.  I never spend that much but I knew the light up sleigh was worth it and my hubby went to get it for me.  He is a gem, have I mentioned that?
Another tree in the formal dining area.  $10 after Christmas, pre-lit white.  I kept it simple.  The biggest thing was the topper and the "is it too late to be good?" sign....some mesh ribbon and a few balls, done!
Small vignette upstairs on a sofa table.  Love my Santa photo and my Merry Christmas ribbon from Target's $1 section....
Main living room small table at sectional..
"Slim" tree I bought for the apartment last year (limited space) with Fall colors that went up before Halloween (Hello, FALL!)....at the heart of the staircase.
Formal dining room, still no formal (ish) table....we have a tree and portable tables we use for all our entertaining.  Definitely got our monie's worth from years of birthday parties and entertaining.  Even when we buy a dining set we will have to remove it to accommodate more seating. (still need to paint)

Walking in the front door, here is the foyer all decorated!
Top of the stairs vignette and D's small tree with all his handmade personal ornaments just outside his door.
Fresh greenery on kitchen island....
And a few of my special ornaments, most self explanatory.

Below, the Sweet treats and Christmas Wishes ornament came from Goodwill shopping and I displayed it in my kitchen.
I found fun green and red straws at Marshall's for $3 and made a vignette with 2 Pellegrino bottles that turned out cute and simple.

Another tree on the upstair's catwalk (after Christmas $10) that became Santa themed.

Lots of work.  Ok, TONS of work to decorate but I love the result so I tried!

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