Sunday, January 5, 2014


I personally, do not care for golf. However, if my boys are taking interest in something, I will be there snapping photos and participating.  The hubs was never really into golf until one day, he golfed with his uncle and received one tip on his swing and from that day forward he is a golfer! That being said, he recruited little man (which I thought would never keep his attention) and it sorta has!  I joined them one beautiful day in late Fall.
 Blessed to have this man as my partner.
 I got so tickled at how grown up my son "seemed". 

 He is good, ya'll!
 And his daddy let's him drive the cart! (I had my own, what with all the photography and such)
 They are buds. Such a blessing. Such love.
 And I am mama. Capturing moments, mending hearts, keeping it all together.
Thank you Lord for my blessings.

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