Saturday, January 4, 2014

Field Day 2013

Our new school held field day November 1st. GENIUS. I sorta despised it otherwise, in May, in the Texas heat and humidity. K and I took the day off to attend and because we were set to go camping with our good friends all weekend.
 The weather was perfect.
 This kid was happy and energetic.

 We had storms for 2 solid days prior so the fields were soaked.
 All events were held on the concrete and inside the school.

 It was super fun. And busy. And chaotic.

 There was a snow cone reward at the end too!
D had a cough for a few days but no other true signs of illness.  That morning he woke up with slight fever so we decided to head to the doctor after field day before camping so we did not get stuck over the weekend JUST IN CASE.  He knows the drill so he does become in denial and not so forthcoming with what might really be wrong.  Who wants to miss field day AND camping? Well, he tested positive for strep 1 hour after field day.  No sore throat either and that has happened before.  We let our fellow campers know (they own the camper) as a courtesy of course and it was decided it would be best to re-schedule.  Poor little D was crying and beside himself. We tried to explain we would go another time but nothing could help his little hurt feelings!

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