Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Master paint!

The previous owners had a very dark master bed/ bath.  I knew right away I did not want that and thought I could live with it for a while, like until after the holidays but I just couldn't. I nearly killed myself trying to paint the bedroom in every spare second instead of sleeping then I did it again with the master bath. This is also the original carpet, 15 yrs old, not in bad shape but original, so it had to go. Here is the master bedroom after we closed on the house. ick.
 And here is the Master with new paint (Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray that I LOVE), new carpet and taking down the window coverings she left.  What an improvement!
I had lots of camera issues after the move, like losing the battery charger first then I dropped the camera on the first day of school and it had to go in the shop, etc so my pics span from the phone to smaller camera to ipad to larger camera, etc which is why I have little of some things and more of others like the master bath. Here is that dark brown again! The hardware is nice and they obviously changed that out and I can work with the big brown tiles but paint was a must to save the day again.
 Oh! And I forgot part of the reason I killed myself on these two rooms is because they each required 2-3 coats of primer paint FIRST before the color. Another words, like the office paint, it was as if I painted the master bedroom 4 times and the master bath 4 times. Exhausting.
 But oh my goodness so worth it in the end.
 These were just things I shopped the house to decorate with for now.
 I removed the little lamp with the dark shade on my shelf and I need a new set of towels to hang.  I bought these beige ones with little rosettes because the walls were so dark but now they don't match. Then of course we just need some small wall art but I am in no rush!

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