Monday, August 26, 2013

First day 2nd grade

I always take off on the first day of school. In the past, I met his bus there and walked him in.  This year he said he did not want need me to. D has done really well this Summer with switching to a new daycare about 6 weeks ago and this morning, to a new school. I can't wait to hear all about it this afternoon.  I might get 3 words but his body language will tell me all I need to know.  I have prayed hard for him with these changes this past year and starting a new school today should be it for a while. 
It's never going to be daylight for my before school pictures and I have accepted that.  I got a smile so that was all I needed!
 2 fingers so I know this photo was 2nd grade!
 Ignore the "BOO" sign on the mantle it was a victim of the move and not found it's proper box.

 I said on the count of three, blast off to a new year and he actually did it!

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