Saturday, August 24, 2013

1st grade graduation day!

5 days after we closed on the house we had 1st grade graduation! Yes, we had so much going on at one time which is why this post is 2+ months behind. It was the cutest little graduation program.
Dominic and one of his best friends Myla were in charge of November.

Same age but he is extra tall and I think she is a little petite! So cute though.
Mrs Arnold presenting him his awards.

I was behind the camera and we were rushed so no photo but all in all 1st grade was a lot tougher than Kinder.  We had to get a reading tutor the last 2.5 months of school to catch up but D worked super hard and got to the level he needed to be at.  We thought we were on track but our teacher had maternity leave Oct-Dec and the sub was not communicating well but we made it through!  It was our last year at this school too as we are moving on...

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