Monday, August 26, 2013

First day 2nd grade

I always take off on the first day of school. In the past, I met his bus there and walked him in.  This year he said he did not want need me to. D has done really well this Summer with switching to a new daycare about 6 weeks ago and this morning, to a new school. I can't wait to hear all about it this afternoon.  I might get 3 words but his body language will tell me all I need to know.  I have prayed hard for him with these changes this past year and starting a new school today should be it for a while. 
It's never going to be daylight for my before school pictures and I have accepted that.  I got a smile so that was all I needed!
 2 fingers so I know this photo was 2nd grade!
 Ignore the "BOO" sign on the mantle it was a victim of the move and not found it's proper box.

 I said on the count of three, blast off to a new year and he actually did it!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

1st grade graduation day!

5 days after we closed on the house we had 1st grade graduation! Yes, we had so much going on at one time which is why this post is 2+ months behind. It was the cutest little graduation program.
Dominic and one of his best friends Myla were in charge of November.

Same age but he is extra tall and I think she is a little petite! So cute though.
Mrs Arnold presenting him his awards.

I was behind the camera and we were rushed so no photo but all in all 1st grade was a lot tougher than Kinder.  We had to get a reading tutor the last 2.5 months of school to catch up but D worked super hard and got to the level he needed to be at.  We thought we were on track but our teacher had maternity leave Oct-Dec and the sub was not communicating well but we made it through!  It was our last year at this school too as we are moving on...

New office paint

Our new home is 15 years old but in really really good condition. PTL! There were 2 things though, that needed to take place before we moved in and one of those things was new paint in the office.  I had never tackled trying to cover up such a dark color before.  It took 2 coats of primer and 2-3 coats of paint and 8 hours of my time.  Here is the before.
And here is the after.  Of course little man had to sit there because I was just trying to get one simple photo! I chose Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray and I love how it turned out.  It's a soft powder gray that is just perfect for brightening up this room! Oh, and our new $99 rug from Garden Ridge!