Tuesday, July 23, 2013


For the record:  I (we) have moved 4 times in 10 months.  Something had to give and it will always be the blog, unfortunately.

We sold our house and spent one whole weekend moving stuff into storage.  We spent the following weekend moving into an apartment.

10 months later we bought another house.  We had to get two storage facilities and one apartment moved, again.  Then I painted our nice new office and it took me 8 hours because it was dark dark DARK green, then we moved into the new house.

All of this with ending the school year and working full time.  So, tired and exhausted swarmed over us for quite some time.  Just started to feel okay. I think.

Lots of stuff to blog about but it will take time of course!

Memorial weekend 2013 (virus)

Well, notice the title? Yea, that was us. We did not have any big plans except to relax, hang out and really wrap up some things to get ready to move into the new house. Oh, and the boys took Friday off to play their first Father/ Son 9 holes of golf.

I got a little tap on my arm at 4am Saturday morning. "Mom, I just threw up." That is not how one wants to wake up but we all know that is when the sickies, happen, in the middle of the night.

I got Dominic cleaned up and daddy got all his bedding removed and started the laundry and then well, we were all up from there to start the day.....EARLY.

It went downhill from there for the next 8 or so hours for poor little man. Lots of "you can imagine" trips to the bathroom for him and I stayed right next to him in my p.j.'s all day too. Daddy ran the errands we had to accomplish as well as the grocery store.

I felt so bad for Dominic but he was a trooper, never even crying with all the throwing up.  Here is a photo about 15 hours into the virus ordeal and starting to feel better.

Mommy's don't get sick, right?  Um, not this time.  The next day I got the virus and was in bed and on the couch all day SUNDAY.  Thank goodness Monday was a holiday.  We even had tickets to the Astros game that Sunday so Kevin took Dominic by himself while I slept.  It was miserable. Monday I felt better but not 100% and Tuesday we all returned to work and school with the holiday "virus" weekend behind us.  The timing was best though, as we were closing on the new house the next Friday!