Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I got a rain check.  Last year we had a room in Galveston booked for Sunday, Mother's Day.  There was one problem: little man did not get his arm cast off so we had to cancel.  You know, sand and water aren't good for casts.  I was bummed.  Until this year.  I asked for a rain check and my honey said sure!  It was BEAUTIFUL weather, perfect.  Just cool enough (in May!), not one cloud in the sky, perfect! We started down on the Strand.
Since it was Mother's Day I tried to be in more photos but it is just my nature to be behind the camera. I took a lot of phone pics and they were not too clear for some reason.  I used what I could. 
We had a really good lunch at Yaga's cafe.  Dominic was antsy to just get to the hotel and pool but it was too early to check in and well, this was MY DAY.  Simmer down little guy.  We walked the Strand and I bought two fancy Christmas tree decorations at a cute little store.  Unique decorations are my thing if they are affordable and these were.  We tried to check in around 1:30p but they said not one room was ready.  Really?  Doubt it but whatever so we parked on the seawall and walked down to Murdoch's shop.  On the way we passed the over rated and ridiculously expensive, Pleasure Pier.  You have to pay just to walk on to the pier, then you have to pay again to ride anything.  Greedy.
We finally got the call that our room was ready so we headed over to the Hilton.  It was a Sunday so we got a really good price and the pool area was super nice too.  Swim up bar, lazy river type current, huge rock water fall, swim up bar, jacuzzi, swim up bar.....ha!  My loves!

Later that evening we got showered to head out for a nice Mother's Day dinner but low and behold there was a T.V. issue in our room.  I assure you it was not discovered by me.  A technician had to come out and it put us back about 30-45 minutes to get out the door but look at this.  When the tech came back the second time he brought in a little chocolate hammer with a sticker on the bag that said, "Sorry for the inconvenience!"  That was just too cute......
The beach was PACKED Sunday but by the evening of course the island started to clear out.  We headed over to the harbor where the cruise ships dock and decided on dinner there.  Fisherman's Wharf was the winner and boy was it soooo good!  The water was beautiful as the sun was setting on our table outside.  My cup runneth over, I am so lucky to have my boys, especially this little one who is the reason I can celebrate the day.
We woke up Monday and knew we needed to check out but that we were going to play at the beach and head home later.  We were not in a rush to get home, just wanted to get home before rush hour traffic! This little one is always dressed and ready for ANYTHING.
We went to Stewart Beach.  It was so clean, I was impressed.  No trash, no seaweed, nothing.  We had breakfast first but we had a cooler with snacks and drinks.
He still never forgets his jelly fish sting, God Bless him.  It took a while to go farther than just ankle deep.
This was towards the end of our day but I had to break out the big fancy camera then put it back in the car.  We built some sand castles, had some snacks then jumped in the waves for a long time.  He was so happy and laughing all day.  
He is all boy.  He always has some ball in his hands no matter where he goes or what he is doing.  I had a wonderful Mother's Day, it was perfect!
And do did he.....

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