Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break 2013

This little man had another fantastic holiday in the hill country!  I worked all week to save my days for when we buy a house and K worked 2 days then went up and joined little man and his parents for some R & R. All of these photos were sent to me from K's phone, he does not travel with a camera, ha!  The in laws bought D this bright blue and lime green shorts outfit to match his new bright blue shoes.  **Note, I have been growing out his hair and he will be getting a clean up this Saturday**
I love this photo.  They went to inquire about kayaking down the Guadalupe but in the end K realized 1 hour in a kayak with D would most likely not be fun for him after 15 minutes. He still needs to get bigger before he would be ready for this!
Down by the dam.  I was getting all of these photos emailed to me at work and I thought to myself, I will work all day long so that my boy can have the best time living life! Granted, I am usually with him but I have to be wise in my decisions regarding vacation days at work, boo....
This photo was titled, "Hi Mom" when it came across my email....They spent 2 full days outside with this gorgeous weather playing and even had Uncle Rick join them for 9 holes of golf!
And this photo was titled, "Hi wifey" when it came across.  Love this man and feel so blessed. My two boys are coming home today so now we can enjoy the rest of the weekend together as a family!

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