Saturday, March 23, 2013

Brazos Bend State Park

It's Spring time in Texas which means everyone wants to be outside as much as possible!  We decided to pack a picnic lunch and load up the bikes and head to Needville, Texas.
As soon as we got there and got out it was really windy and a bit cool with all the trees.  We found a table but I could not lay anything out for the picnic because that is how hard the wind was blowing!
 So I did not get any photos of that either because I was making sandwiches with one hand, ha!
 Me and my boy packing up the unpacked picnic when we finished.....
 This park is known for it's wildlife, namely all the crocs.  This little guy was sunbathing, he looked comfy!

Baby Croc!

There were tons of people out there but it never felt crowded.
This appears to be Daddy turtle on one end and Mama and baby on the other, all sunbathing too.
Then we hopped on our bikes and rode one of the many many trails.
The crocs do camouflage in pretty good.

The trees were so scenic and with the moss hanging it was really really pretty. I was letting K be more photographer this day!

Of course no outside time with Dominic is complete until a soccer ball hits the ground at some point. Here is Daddy....
And the return from D...We had a wonderful time outside all day!

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