Sunday, March 10, 2013

Birthday #7 - Hibachi style!

I asked Dominic multiple times what he wanted to do for his birthday and the answer was always the same: Ice skating.  Really?  You can't skate neither can anyone you might invite!  Finally we talked him into something fun with just us and also a hibachi dinner. Perfect. Done.

Here is the big kid the week before his birthday, can't believe my very eyes!

We decided to see if his sweet cousin Morgan wanted to join us for ice skating then a hibachi dinner.  Her mom said yes but that she would not want to skate.  He treats her like a baby sister and it is so precious.  She thinks he looks like Beiber and is in love....Little did I know ice skating stops at 4p and real life hockey games start so thankfully unfortunately we could not skate.
We headed to Benihana instead.  My little man loves to attempt chopsticks, too.

Morgan had never been to hibachi so this was so fun for her!

First the chef said, "I love chicken" with the chicken frying up at the end.
He turned it into a "U".....
And then Mickey ears, cute!
We sang to the birthday boy and he enjoyed the ice cream placed in front of him....
Happy 7th birthday D, Daddy and I can't believe how big you are and how fast you are growing!

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