Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring picture day

Today at school was Spring Picture day for D. This is how cute and handsome he looked this morning, can't wait too see the photos!

And this is me and my baby for a quick self portrait, ha!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Brazos Bend State Park

It's Spring time in Texas which means everyone wants to be outside as much as possible!  We decided to pack a picnic lunch and load up the bikes and head to Needville, Texas.
As soon as we got there and got out it was really windy and a bit cool with all the trees.  We found a table but I could not lay anything out for the picnic because that is how hard the wind was blowing!
 So I did not get any photos of that either because I was making sandwiches with one hand, ha!
 Me and my boy packing up the unpacked picnic when we finished.....
 This park is known for it's wildlife, namely all the crocs.  This little guy was sunbathing, he looked comfy!

Baby Croc!

There were tons of people out there but it never felt crowded.
This appears to be Daddy turtle on one end and Mama and baby on the other, all sunbathing too.
Then we hopped on our bikes and rode one of the many many trails.
The crocs do camouflage in pretty good.

The trees were so scenic and with the moss hanging it was really really pretty. I was letting K be more photographer this day!

Of course no outside time with Dominic is complete until a soccer ball hits the ground at some point. Here is Daddy....
And the return from D...We had a wonderful time outside all day!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break 2013

This little man had another fantastic holiday in the hill country!  I worked all week to save my days for when we buy a house and K worked 2 days then went up and joined little man and his parents for some R & R. All of these photos were sent to me from K's phone, he does not travel with a camera, ha!  The in laws bought D this bright blue and lime green shorts outfit to match his new bright blue shoes.  **Note, I have been growing out his hair and he will be getting a clean up this Saturday**
I love this photo.  They went to inquire about kayaking down the Guadalupe but in the end K realized 1 hour in a kayak with D would most likely not be fun for him after 15 minutes. He still needs to get bigger before he would be ready for this!
Down by the dam.  I was getting all of these photos emailed to me at work and I thought to myself, I will work all day long so that my boy can have the best time living life! Granted, I am usually with him but I have to be wise in my decisions regarding vacation days at work, boo....
This photo was titled, "Hi Mom" when it came across my email....They spent 2 full days outside with this gorgeous weather playing and even had Uncle Rick join them for 9 holes of golf!
And this photo was titled, "Hi wifey" when it came across.  Love this man and feel so blessed. My two boys are coming home today so now we can enjoy the rest of the weekend together as a family!

Dynamo season opener

For Dominic's birthday we got him tickets to the opening Houston Dynamo game.  Kevin was able to print a replica ticket on a color printer (x 3) so I could cut them out and put them into his birthday card.  It's not like the old days where you get actual tickets, you print them off your confirmation email! Ah, 2013...
This was one morning before school the week of the game but he looked so stinkin cute!
On the way to the game.  It was freezing and the game is outside so we were all prepared.
I am talking coats, gloves, hats, hand warmers from Academy and we brought a blanket!
We were fine with all of our supplies, just a little cool at times.  Feel sorry for those who came unprepared.....
The game was so exciting, as usual.  I did not bring the big camera because there was no way I could tote that thing and use it with all the other gear we had.  All of these photos are from the iphone so they are not too clear.
The Houston Dynamo win 3-2 against DC United!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Birthday #7 - Hibachi style!

I asked Dominic multiple times what he wanted to do for his birthday and the answer was always the same: Ice skating.  Really?  You can't skate neither can anyone you might invite!  Finally we talked him into something fun with just us and also a hibachi dinner. Perfect. Done.

Here is the big kid the week before his birthday, can't believe my very eyes!

We decided to see if his sweet cousin Morgan wanted to join us for ice skating then a hibachi dinner.  Her mom said yes but that she would not want to skate.  He treats her like a baby sister and it is so precious.  She thinks he looks like Beiber and is in love....Little did I know ice skating stops at 4p and real life hockey games start so thankfully unfortunately we could not skate.
We headed to Benihana instead.  My little man loves to attempt chopsticks, too.

Morgan had never been to hibachi so this was so fun for her!

First the chef said, "I love chicken" with the chicken frying up at the end.
He turned it into a "U".....
And then Mickey ears, cute!
We sang to the birthday boy and he enjoyed the ice cream placed in front of him....
Happy 7th birthday D, Daddy and I can't believe how big you are and how fast you are growing!