Sunday, February 17, 2013

V-day Decor 2013 - Better late than never!

I was not sure I would get this post up.  Life is just too busy! I took the photos then took down all the decor and packed it up!  Valentine Decor 2012 and the sparse 2011!

This wooden heart shaped wreath with little petals came from CVS last year and it is by far my favorite decoration.
Had to make some changes this year since there is no mantle.  I love the white square frame with the heart enclosure.  It was actually a photo I had on a table at our wedding.  It's perfect for V-day too.
 I have lots of these little wooden signs from either Hobby Lobby (50% off) or Walgreens, etc.

 I had a very small window, like maybe an hour or so one day to get the Valentine decor out so I did not take photos along the way if I adjusted something.  These hearts were purchased at the Dollar Tree last year and I never did anything with them.  They are red so I cut out small pieces of pink tissue and hot glued it all around the hearts to give contrast and nailed them up above the widow.  The right one is a little crooked but oh well!
 We made the small red tissue heart below and the pink one on the next photo, last year as a project. They held up being stored.
 Free printable in the black frame here from last year.
 This was another easy improvement.  I had the brown wreath just sitting around and I found the heart circle wreath in the $1 section at Target and I just hot glued it on top and it came out so cute!
 Way better than just one skinny wreath!
 I thought I was clever with these foam stickies.
 It was cute while it lasted but when I removed them then used goo-gone to get the sticky off, it also took off the clay color of the pot so now it has two big spots, ha! I will turn the brown ribbon around and put the speckled side to the back of something when we move one day. Way to go, huh?! NOT.
 Last years V-day picks...
 And I never blogged about this little cutie I found at Goodwill for like $2, I love it!
 Small display on my small counter in my small kitchen!

 I had to make my baby something special and he loved it. I traced and cut out 7 hearts on pink and red construction paper then glued them to this pink ribbon and stuck the letter of his name on each one.         Cost = $0, I had everything!
 Small vignette on sofa table.
 I know the picture is blurry but this is bubby in his pj's on his rocking horse with my zebra cowboy hat.  He was about 1yr old and it's in a V-day frame too! This was in his bathroom.
 All his smell pretties were on a heart ceramic tray

Another free printable I did linked here on his bathroom counter.
 2 heart picks in a faux plant on our bathroom counter and that's it!

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