Friday, February 22, 2013

Soccer - 2nd season

Team: Philadelphia
Color: Yellow jersey
Coach/ Asst: March P and Daddy!

This is just for me to look back on because it's a bunch of kids playing soccer, picture after picture!
Here is Coach P and Asst Coach Daddy warming the kids up.
My boy in the yellow to start the game...

His Daddy (and some me) have told him to just get in there and be aggressive.  He would always run up and stop or run up then back up or run up, kick it and spring like a rabbit with nervous energy!
Not last Saturday, I tell you!
He was on it every chance he got.  I was a cheering, photo taking mama bear!

Dominic ready to toss in....

My bubby finished hard including a smack in the face with the ball but he went right back in, tears and all. I was so torn but hubs was like it makes him tough......I get that but he came from my loins, he is my baby, EVERYBODY BACK UP.
End of a good game, perfect weather too!

Post game pep talk!  Dominic is having so much fun playing soccer and we are loving it too!

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