Sunday, February 3, 2013

D's Christmas with the cousins in Feb!

Well December was so busy for everyone and we went out of town for Christmas and then January proved to be just as busy so February 2nd was the first date that worked for everyone! Whew! Dominic has 3 other cousins and a "younger" uncle that we adore.  Here are Cole (age 5) and Gage (age 3).
 We all went to Morgan and Gage's house since they can heat their pool and hot tub.  These kids were SO excited to play with each other.  Dominic in the rear near the fence with a soccer ball ALREADY, in the first 10 minutes of arrival.
 I tried to get this cute boy photo but I did not get good focus. Ross is technically an "uncle" and he is 13 and so super sweet and polite.  We don't get to see him that often.  Next is Dominic who turns 7 this month, followed by Cole who is 5 and Gage who is 3.  
 Dominic and Morgan.  She is 5 and turns out she thinks D looks like Justin Beiber whom she is infatuated with!
 Sweet cousin Cole, only one smart enough to bring goggles!
 These cousins were in the pool until 10pm last night and we did not get home until after 11pm. It's 9am Sunday morning and guess who is still asleep!  
 Cousins ready to jump in...

 Now from the other side on the tanning ledge....

 Cousin Morgan and her mama Cheri...
 Uncle Kevin with cousin Cole
 Morgan and her Beiber....
 And D with their little English bulldog Pippa!
The kids exchanged gifts and we had fajitas but I was so excited to visit I did not get too many photos.  And although it was a late Christmas we made these treats and had them after dinner for early Valentines!

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