Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sea World - San Antonio

Well this post and the pictures in it, or lack thereof, have quite a story. I am just going to get it written and published and write off SeaWorld and this post as ehh, and move on!
This is my first picture for the post because the computer and blogger won't let me upload from another album that has the smaller camera photos.  And why did I have the smaller camera?  That would be because we had another horrible restaurant experience for breakfast this morning on the riverwalk after we checked out of our hotel.  Due to the experience we walked out (after it took 45 minutes for breakfast tacos) and drove all the way to Sea World, about 25-30 minutes only to realize we left behind our backpack with camera, video camera, jackets, etc at said restaurant. Awesome. Kevin was livid at the situation but we were literally parked at Sea World.  He dropped off Dominic and myself to go ahead and go in while he drove all the way back to the river walk to get our back pack. And back in the car with him was my $15 off Sea World coupons. Awesome #2.
These photos are all after Kevin re-joined us later so the first few hours are missing, oh well, par for this course as previously mentioned.  And let me also mention Sea World is way over priced.  It might not be for the Summer time when you can use the water park but for the winter time it was ridiculous. Our money was better spent last year at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, just our opinion. Here is the one big coaster that is way too big for Dominic.  The other was way too small so bummer.
 The penguin exhibit was cute but very smelly!

Here is the Shamu show. Shamu was never introduced but there were 4 of these whales in the show.  I think I did some brief googling and came to the conclusion that the name "Shamu" is a last name for whales?  Or something like that.
 Back in the day, trainers got in the water with them.  Not any more.  This guy was waving his fin at us, cute.

15,000 lbs of shiny killer whale right there

This was pretty impressive, that much weight jumping out of the water and touching that ball.

 This area was all decorated in red and white like candy canes, very pretty at dark!
A nice stranger offered to take our photo and not run off with our camera. And wth, high waters anyone?  I did not care I just needed to be warm!
A grouping of blue lit trees that blinked to the music that was playing.
This was the beluga white whales and dolphin show all set to the music of the Nutcracker.  The shows were good, I will give them that.
And because he loves him some Sasha and said, "Mommy! Take our picture."


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