Tuesday, January 1, 2013

San Antonio Riverwalk

Thursday after Christmas we headed to San Antonio.  We booked a room at the Hyatt on the Riverwalk.  What we did not know was the Valero Bowl was going on that Saturday at the Alamo dome.  Enter in major crowds, tons of players, crowded river walk with pep rallies and oh yea, our hotel was the official hotel for the Oregon State Beavers.  I know, Beavers, I KNOW! We checked in then we headed out for lunch.  Here are my boys in front of what only happens in Texas, a wreath made out of Cactus' or is it Cacti? Regardless, cute and clever, ha!
No camera between eating at Rainforest Cafe' and now.  It was one of our worst dining experiences EVER.  I mean ever. Got half the meal free. And yes we have a Rainforest Cafe in Houston but it was getting late and we were cranky. Nuff said. We left there and walked the river for a bit.  It was cloudy and very cold and damp. All the restaurants had blankets and/ or panchos on their chairs outside. We did not care, it was CHRISTMAS VACATION.
We headed towards the indoor mall and came across a beautiful tree outside and some Christmas music being performed so we took some photos.
He saw a boat coming under the bridge we were standing on and was so mesmerized.
 Then we gave him the camera....not bad!!

Of course we had to visit the Alamo.  It was super duper duper crowded but who knows when we might make it back. The Beavers were playing the Longhorns, FYI, and both school colors are orange - FYI.  My son proceeds to say loudly, "are those prisoners?"  Ahhhh, PERFECT #not.
 This tree is perched just in front of the Alamo and it has every city in Texas listed on a specific ornament.

Next up Pat O'Briens. Before you judge, there were several other families with kids there eating lunch.  We came for Hurricanes and Cherry Limeades!

 And da beads!!!

 He looks like Mama.........errr, okay daddy....
 This is a Google photo of the boat tours on the Riverwalk because we were rushed and it was night time!
 We bought tickets for the boat ride earlier in the day before we even knew about the "big bowl game".  We planned on making our way to the boats, then a nice dinner, etc.  Ahhh, no.  Pep rallies, school bands playing while riding in the boats, crowds, etc.  We had to re-route with dinner first (Paesano's Italian, yum!) then the boat ride.  It was sooooo cold!
Tons of lights all along the riverwalk, everything lit up!
Great, super funny boat tour guide.  And Dominic had a blast #allthatmatters

 Next up Sea World!

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