Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monster Jam!

Saturday night we headed to the thrilling, albeit very loud, Monster truck show! Before heading out my little man kept snapping photos on the iphone. See below.

We thought about the noise but I could not remember just how loud.  D seemed so excited he could not even eat his nachos!
Then some pre-show things started happening and yes, it was way too loud for my little man so Daddy to the rescue with $20 head phones!
Pre-show set up

Our favorite truck, Monster Mutt.  It had a tail, big dangling ears and a tongue on the front that would go in and out.  AND, driven by a woman!
Racing, stunts and some crashes!  

See the tongue? Ha!
Scarlet bandit, another female....

Look closely, Jack in the Box was a sponsor and well, Jack showed up!
Then, during intermission, they set up two ramps for the motorcycles.  It was just enough to give you a taste of what that show would be like so you would want to buy tickets!


Little man was hooked and loved every minute of it!

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