Saturday, January 26, 2013

Last soccer game of very 1st season!

Last weekend D's grandparents came in town for a few days so they could see him play his last game of soccer.  They were also able to witness his passion for soccer and all things balls. It also worked out because Monday was a holiday so instead of him staying at daycare all day he ran around town getting spoiled with the grands!
It was FREEZING cold and windy when we arrived at the Y.  Slowly but surely the sun came out and warmed us.
Me and my boys pre-game.  Oh, and it was a double header back to back.

Thumbs up Mom, I got this!

Our old neighbors joined us with their grandbaby Addison.  Addison loves Dominic, you know, little people have this thing for little people!

She is a doll....
Adjusting socks......

I love this photo.  Might be the first time we witnessed some real defense on his part. Or maybe the kid was backing up and D wanted to stop him from stepping on him. I'm going with defense!
Sweaty faced after 2 solid hours of soccer, hugging baby girl.  That is what we call her.

With Coach Keene and his trophy!
And 7 members of what started out as 11.  Not sure where everyone ended up!  It was a great first time sport for Dominic and we are so glad he enjoyed it too!  Spring soccer practice starts next week.....

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