Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Croup and Sinus Infection - Double Whammy!

I just need to document this so I can keep track and refer back.  Poor bubby woke up with a sore throat the Saturday of his very last soccer game (11 days ago, just getting a chance to blog it).  We have all had a little bit of this and that with the allergies and all so I thought that is what it was. He mentioned it a few times during the freezing cold game and I felt bad but he did not seem to want to stop. Remember too, double header! Low and behold after a restless night next to me in bed he barked like the little seal at about 5:30am.  I already know exactly where this was going.  Hubby and I did the divide and conquer.  He took him to the doctor and I hit the grocery store once we got him an appt. Hubby said Dominic was the 4th kid that morning in to see doc with Croup and it was only 9:40am. For real.

Fast forward after 3 days of steroid to knock out the Croup and school as usual but he never seemed to really get completely better. He was calm Friday night (first sign) then he woke up Saturday warm (second sign).  He was in denial because we had a big family bike/ picnic day planned and he did not want to miss it.  Well, we missed it.  He laid on the couch most of the day (third sign, he NEVER lays) and the appt was at 2:40p, just 6 days after his last appt.  He tested negative for strep and flu but she determined the croup left him with a sinus infection.  Talk about snotty, snot, snot.  Poor kid.  And can you break my heart more by saying, "Mommy, I just want to feel normal agan"....

We are 3 days into this 10 day antibiotic and he feels so much better. And he loves this med......I know they always say it's not good to give so many antibiotics but tell me how you cure Croup and sinus infections without them!  I am very thankful for Western medicine.

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