Saturday, January 5, 2013

After Christmas Sales!

This is my time of year.  This is how I have accumulated majority of my Christmas decor.  I did not go last year but this year I wanted to head out on the 26th just to see what I could find in Kerrville.  Well, we I scored! This 6 ft pre-lit tree was $18 from Big Lots. I could not sleep at night knowing I passed on such a good deal!  And it marks a first for me.  Colored lights. The little guy has been begging and again $18, so um yes.
Colored lights set the theme.  Whimsy and colorful so each of these was $2.
 Mr Snowman was cute but I just did not want to pay his $15 price.  I looked at him for a while but I just wasn't going to pay it.
Hubs liked him though so he is no Frosty Mero.
 These whimsy elves. $5 each at CVS. Love 'em.
Santa and all these balls, $5 each at CVS (50% off).  Spent $20 total at CVS and got these 4 things, score!
Two ceramic Santa's and a little wooden sign that says, "Better not pout." These were from Burkes in Kerrville and for all 3 I spent about $10

Everything here was from the dollar store at 50% off so .50c each.

Except this card board type Frosty.  He was free! They used him as part of there P.O.S.(point of sell) material for the store so I asked and he gave him to me!

 Balls, wire ribbon, self adhesive labels and a wooden Noel sign all .50c each!

Plastic platter (Dominic picked out) more balls and these 3 ceramic Christmas figures!  All .50c.
Felt drum basket and breakable Santa ornament from Wal-Mart.  Santa was $1 and the basket was mis-marked for $3 and I would not have bought it but I was already checking out.

More balls, all $1 
All non breakable ornaments for the new "colored" tree.  Each was .59c

 And there was several more things but again, Blogger is jacked up and I can't upload any more photos.  So this is completely frustrating and if I can't fix it, I guess I won't be blogging anymore. #frustrating

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