Friday, January 11, 2013

After Christmas Sales - part 2!

Picking back up where I left off on my last post about after Christmas Sales, here is more stuff I bought for so so cheap!  These non-breakable Santa's are part of the Wal-Mart finds for $.59c each!
Same with these trains.....
And these whimsy candies....
And lastly, these snowmen!  All for a few bucks total!
This sweet angel and this wooden Santa are from HEB! The angel was $4 and Santa was $2.50!
I was in Walgreens for something and found all of this.
Candy Cane wire ribbon was $2.50
Snowflakes, stars and bright colored balls all very cheap!
The last stop was Pier 1 on a whim. This Elves at work sign was $5.99 and it is so sparkly!
But this was my big splurge, a sleigh! It was marked 50% off but I was not sure about the $75 price tag even though I fell in love.  I thought about it over night then said you know what, I deserve it!  It's very sturdy, made well, will last many many years and accompany our new standing Santa.  I have always wanted a sleigh. I heart Christmas and this would be perfect and unique to have so I told my husband about it and he and the little guy went out to get it the next morning for me!  Hubby loves it too! Can't wait to buy another home and decorate for Christmas next year!!
Then we packed up everything we brought to the apartment, bought 3 new tubs for the after Christmas finds and Kevin took it all to storage.  Until next year!

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