Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Croup and Sinus Infection - Double Whammy!

I just need to document this so I can keep track and refer back.  Poor bubby woke up with a sore throat the Saturday of his very last soccer game (11 days ago, just getting a chance to blog it).  We have all had a little bit of this and that with the allergies and all so I thought that is what it was. He mentioned it a few times during the freezing cold game and I felt bad but he did not seem to want to stop. Remember too, double header! Low and behold after a restless night next to me in bed he barked like the little seal at about 5:30am.  I already know exactly where this was going.  Hubby and I did the divide and conquer.  He took him to the doctor and I hit the grocery store once we got him an appt. Hubby said Dominic was the 4th kid that morning in to see doc with Croup and it was only 9:40am. For real.

Fast forward after 3 days of steroid to knock out the Croup and school as usual but he never seemed to really get completely better. He was calm Friday night (first sign) then he woke up Saturday warm (second sign).  He was in denial because we had a big family bike/ picnic day planned and he did not want to miss it.  Well, we missed it.  He laid on the couch most of the day (third sign, he NEVER lays) and the appt was at 2:40p, just 6 days after his last appt.  He tested negative for strep and flu but she determined the croup left him with a sinus infection.  Talk about snotty, snot, snot.  Poor kid.  And can you break my heart more by saying, "Mommy, I just want to feel normal agan"....

We are 3 days into this 10 day antibiotic and he feels so much better. And he loves this med......I know they always say it's not good to give so many antibiotics but tell me how you cure Croup and sinus infections without them!  I am very thankful for Western medicine.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Last soccer game of very 1st season!

Last weekend D's grandparents came in town for a few days so they could see him play his last game of soccer.  They were also able to witness his passion for soccer and all things balls. It also worked out because Monday was a holiday so instead of him staying at daycare all day he ran around town getting spoiled with the grands!
It was FREEZING cold and windy when we arrived at the Y.  Slowly but surely the sun came out and warmed us.
Me and my boys pre-game.  Oh, and it was a double header back to back.

Thumbs up Mom, I got this!

Our old neighbors joined us with their grandbaby Addison.  Addison loves Dominic, you know, little people have this thing for little people!

She is a doll....
Adjusting socks......

I love this photo.  Might be the first time we witnessed some real defense on his part. Or maybe the kid was backing up and D wanted to stop him from stepping on him. I'm going with defense!
Sweaty faced after 2 solid hours of soccer, hugging baby girl.  That is what we call her.

With Coach Keene and his trophy!
And 7 members of what started out as 11.  Not sure where everyone ended up!  It was a great first time sport for Dominic and we are so glad he enjoyed it too!  Spring soccer practice starts next week.....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monster Jam!

Saturday night we headed to the thrilling, albeit very loud, Monster truck show! Before heading out my little man kept snapping photos on the iphone. See below.

We thought about the noise but I could not remember just how loud.  D seemed so excited he could not even eat his nachos!
Then some pre-show things started happening and yes, it was way too loud for my little man so Daddy to the rescue with $20 head phones!
Pre-show set up

Our favorite truck, Monster Mutt.  It had a tail, big dangling ears and a tongue on the front that would go in and out.  AND, driven by a woman!
Racing, stunts and some crashes!  

See the tongue? Ha!
Scarlet bandit, another female....

Look closely, Jack in the Box was a sponsor and well, Jack showed up!
Then, during intermission, they set up two ramps for the motorcycles.  It was just enough to give you a taste of what that show would be like so you would want to buy tickets!


Little man was hooked and loved every minute of it!

Friday, January 11, 2013

After Christmas Sales - part 2!

Picking back up where I left off on my last post about after Christmas Sales, here is more stuff I bought for so so cheap!  These non-breakable Santa's are part of the Wal-Mart finds for $.59c each!
Same with these trains.....
And these whimsy candies....
And lastly, these snowmen!  All for a few bucks total!
This sweet angel and this wooden Santa are from HEB! The angel was $4 and Santa was $2.50!
I was in Walgreens for something and found all of this.
Candy Cane wire ribbon was $2.50
Snowflakes, stars and bright colored balls all very cheap!
The last stop was Pier 1 on a whim. This Elves at work sign was $5.99 and it is so sparkly!
But this was my big splurge, a sleigh! It was marked 50% off but I was not sure about the $75 price tag even though I fell in love.  I thought about it over night then said you know what, I deserve it!  It's very sturdy, made well, will last many many years and accompany our new standing Santa.  I have always wanted a sleigh. I heart Christmas and this would be perfect and unique to have so I told my husband about it and he and the little guy went out to get it the next morning for me!  Hubby loves it too! Can't wait to buy another home and decorate for Christmas next year!!
Then we packed up everything we brought to the apartment, bought 3 new tubs for the after Christmas finds and Kevin took it all to storage.  Until next year!