Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Master paint!

The previous owners had a very dark master bed/ bath.  I knew right away I did not want that and thought I could live with it for a while, like until after the holidays but I just couldn't. I nearly killed myself trying to paint the bedroom in every spare second instead of sleeping then I did it again with the master bath. This is also the original carpet, 15 yrs old, not in bad shape but original, so it had to go. Here is the master bedroom after we closed on the house. ick.
 And here is the Master with new paint (Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray that I LOVE), new carpet and taking down the window coverings she left.  What an improvement!
I had lots of camera issues after the move, like losing the battery charger first then I dropped the camera on the first day of school and it had to go in the shop, etc so my pics span from the phone to smaller camera to ipad to larger camera, etc which is why I have little of some things and more of others like the master bath. Here is that dark brown again! The hardware is nice and they obviously changed that out and I can work with the big brown tiles but paint was a must to save the day again.
 Oh! And I forgot part of the reason I killed myself on these two rooms is because they each required 2-3 coats of primer paint FIRST before the color. Another words, like the office paint, it was as if I painted the master bedroom 4 times and the master bath 4 times. Exhausting.
 But oh my goodness so worth it in the end.
 These were just things I shopped the house to decorate with for now.
 I removed the little lamp with the dark shade on my shelf and I need a new set of towels to hang.  I bought these beige ones with little rosettes because the walls were so dark but now they don't match. Then of course we just need some small wall art but I am in no rush!

Monday, August 26, 2013

First day 2nd grade

I always take off on the first day of school. In the past, I met his bus there and walked him in.  This year he said he did not want need me to. D has done really well this Summer with switching to a new daycare about 6 weeks ago and this morning, to a new school. I can't wait to hear all about it this afternoon.  I might get 3 words but his body language will tell me all I need to know.  I have prayed hard for him with these changes this past year and starting a new school today should be it for a while. 
It's never going to be daylight for my before school pictures and I have accepted that.  I got a smile so that was all I needed!
 2 fingers so I know this photo was 2nd grade!
 Ignore the "BOO" sign on the mantle it was a victim of the move and not found it's proper box.

 I said on the count of three, blast off to a new year and he actually did it!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

1st grade graduation day!

5 days after we closed on the house we had 1st grade graduation! Yes, we had so much going on at one time which is why this post is 2+ months behind. It was the cutest little graduation program.
Dominic and one of his best friends Myla were in charge of November.

Same age but he is extra tall and I think she is a little petite! So cute though.
Mrs Arnold presenting him his awards.

I was behind the camera and we were rushed so no photo but all in all 1st grade was a lot tougher than Kinder.  We had to get a reading tutor the last 2.5 months of school to catch up but D worked super hard and got to the level he needed to be at.  We thought we were on track but our teacher had maternity leave Oct-Dec and the sub was not communicating well but we made it through!  It was our last year at this school too as we are moving on...

New office paint

Our new home is 15 years old but in really really good condition. PTL! There were 2 things though, that needed to take place before we moved in and one of those things was new paint in the office.  I had never tackled trying to cover up such a dark color before.  It took 2 coats of primer and 2-3 coats of paint and 8 hours of my time.  Here is the before.
And here is the after.  Of course little man had to sit there because I was just trying to get one simple photo! I chose Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray and I love how it turned out.  It's a soft powder gray that is just perfect for brightening up this room! Oh, and our new $99 rug from Garden Ridge!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


For the record:  I (we) have moved 4 times in 10 months.  Something had to give and it will always be the blog, unfortunately.

We sold our house and spent one whole weekend moving stuff into storage.  We spent the following weekend moving into an apartment.

10 months later we bought another house.  We had to get two storage facilities and one apartment moved, again.  Then I painted our nice new office and it took me 8 hours because it was dark dark DARK green, then we moved into the new house.

All of this with ending the school year and working full time.  So, tired and exhausted swarmed over us for quite some time.  Just started to feel okay. I think.

Lots of stuff to blog about but it will take time of course!

Memorial weekend 2013 (virus)

Well, notice the title? Yea, that was us. We did not have any big plans except to relax, hang out and really wrap up some things to get ready to move into the new house. Oh, and the boys took Friday off to play their first Father/ Son 9 holes of golf.

I got a little tap on my arm at 4am Saturday morning. "Mom, I just threw up." That is not how one wants to wake up but we all know that is when the sickies, happen, in the middle of the night.

I got Dominic cleaned up and daddy got all his bedding removed and started the laundry and then well, we were all up from there to start the day.....EARLY.

It went downhill from there for the next 8 or so hours for poor little man. Lots of "you can imagine" trips to the bathroom for him and I stayed right next to him in my p.j.'s all day too. Daddy ran the errands we had to accomplish as well as the grocery store.

I felt so bad for Dominic but he was a trooper, never even crying with all the throwing up.  Here is a photo about 15 hours into the virus ordeal and starting to feel better.

Mommy's don't get sick, right?  Um, not this time.  The next day I got the virus and was in bed and on the couch all day SUNDAY.  Thank goodness Monday was a holiday.  We even had tickets to the Astros game that Sunday so Kevin took Dominic by himself while I slept.  It was miserable. Monday I felt better but not 100% and Tuesday we all returned to work and school with the holiday "virus" weekend behind us.  The timing was best though, as we were closing on the new house the next Friday!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I got a rain check.  Last year we had a room in Galveston booked for Sunday, Mother's Day.  There was one problem: little man did not get his arm cast off so we had to cancel.  You know, sand and water aren't good for casts.  I was bummed.  Until this year.  I asked for a rain check and my honey said sure!  It was BEAUTIFUL weather, perfect.  Just cool enough (in May!), not one cloud in the sky, perfect! We started down on the Strand.
Since it was Mother's Day I tried to be in more photos but it is just my nature to be behind the camera. I took a lot of phone pics and they were not too clear for some reason.  I used what I could. 
We had a really good lunch at Yaga's cafe.  Dominic was antsy to just get to the hotel and pool but it was too early to check in and well, this was MY DAY.  Simmer down little guy.  We walked the Strand and I bought two fancy Christmas tree decorations at a cute little store.  Unique decorations are my thing if they are affordable and these were.  We tried to check in around 1:30p but they said not one room was ready.  Really?  Doubt it but whatever so we parked on the seawall and walked down to Murdoch's shop.  On the way we passed the over rated and ridiculously expensive, Pleasure Pier.  You have to pay just to walk on to the pier, then you have to pay again to ride anything.  Greedy.
We finally got the call that our room was ready so we headed over to the Hilton.  It was a Sunday so we got a really good price and the pool area was super nice too.  Swim up bar, lazy river type current, huge rock water fall, swim up bar, jacuzzi, swim up bar.....ha!  My loves!

Later that evening we got showered to head out for a nice Mother's Day dinner but low and behold there was a T.V. issue in our room.  I assure you it was not discovered by me.  A technician had to come out and it put us back about 30-45 minutes to get out the door but look at this.  When the tech came back the second time he brought in a little chocolate hammer with a sticker on the bag that said, "Sorry for the inconvenience!"  That was just too cute......
The beach was PACKED Sunday but by the evening of course the island started to clear out.  We headed over to the harbor where the cruise ships dock and decided on dinner there.  Fisherman's Wharf was the winner and boy was it soooo good!  The water was beautiful as the sun was setting on our table outside.  My cup runneth over, I am so lucky to have my boys, especially this little one who is the reason I can celebrate the day.
We woke up Monday and knew we needed to check out but that we were going to play at the beach and head home later.  We were not in a rush to get home, just wanted to get home before rush hour traffic! This little one is always dressed and ready for ANYTHING.
We went to Stewart Beach.  It was so clean, I was impressed.  No trash, no seaweed, nothing.  We had breakfast first but we had a cooler with snacks and drinks.
He still never forgets his jelly fish sting, God Bless him.  It took a while to go farther than just ankle deep.
This was towards the end of our day but I had to break out the big fancy camera then put it back in the car.  We built some sand castles, had some snacks then jumped in the waves for a long time.  He was so happy and laughing all day.  
He is all boy.  He always has some ball in his hands no matter where he goes or what he is doing.  I had a wonderful Mother's Day, it was perfect!
And do did he.....

1st grade Field Day!

We were nothing short of excited for field day this year! That's because this was Kinder field day and we know how ahem, fun that was for the boy and his mom. Since I took off last year I thought it best that daddy do this year since I am saving all my vacation days for the upcoming move.  That being said, these are all dad's photos and he did great!
Here is Dominic and his class heading out to the field.
 Field Day shirts, spirit tent, noise makers and rowdy kids - check!
 They really do go out all with class spirit, decorated tents and signs, etc.
 I can't remember the name of all of these events but apparently my boy, signed up for four of them.  How he got so many, not sure! Running through loops or hoops....
 Popping water balloons by sitting on them and getting sponged with water by his teacher!
 This looked cute.....
 Tubes instead of potato sacks?
 Then there is this.  My boy looking like a coach on the sidelines with the clipboard.  Who put him in charge?!
 This makes me happy.  Him running...
 and smiling and having the time of his life!

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Has just flown on by.  I don't feel like there was anything too blog worthy the last month because truth is, seemed like every moment other than full time jobs was spent trying to buy a home. The market shifted drastically in the 8 months since we sold and let's just say it is a SELLERS market now.

Good news is, we bought a house!  This was the 4th one we bid on, so...... exhausted.

God's timing on everything is once again, perfect.  And we are so blessed.

There will be more to come in the weeks ahead but I am still trying to blog.  I just want to feel settled again!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter decor 2013

Better late than never!  Last year Easter decor looked like this.  Not much different except I do not have a mantle.  First things first, cutie patootie before Spring pictures at school.
Sofa table Easter vignette
She is a favorite.
Know why?
$1.99 at Goodwill.....
This duo are bobble heads...
New addition not just for Easter.  $4.99 at Ross, yes please.
Last Friday my boys came home with 2 bundles of colored flowers. I divided them up.
Little boy got a Happy Easter banner for his room from Big Lots and those stick on the glass/ window decals....
His bathroom got an Easter tree.
And decals and colored flowers too....
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!