Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend - part 2

We recently purchased a little fryer at Big Lots so we could try our hand at Chicken Wings.  Our wonderful neighbors that we used to live across from, introduced us to wings with a dry rub, not those wet messy rubs most people choose!  Along the way, they created their own spice to shake on them called Nanny Moe's and the marketing has already begun. It's not available on line or in stores just yet but it's a matter of time. We offered to bring the fryer and have wings on Friday night after Thanksgiving.  First, the soccer ball landed in some cactus so it now has a slow leak.  Therefore daddy bought a car pump and a new ball that is not allowed on the streets!
 Here is the old ball with a slow leak that will stay in Kerrville :)
The changing color of the trees seems exceptional this year, gorgeous!

Uncle Rick and Aunt Helen came for wings..........
 DH is the chief fryer/ project manager for the night...
The new ball not allowed past the fence....
I was the asst project manager on the wings so I had to stop with the camera but I believe he cooked 92 wings (4 packages) and every wing was gone.  We had 8 adults and Dominic, so 9 adults, he loves wings too!

 After that we promised him a car ride over to see the Christmas Lights some friends in the neighborhood were putting up.  Molly offered up her trolly (golf cart) and it was super cold so I made little man put on a hat first.

 I had on gloves so my photography is blurry. We had a blast on the golf cart but it was freezing!
Here is Monica and Joe's house with the new deck they just built out front and the lights they put up. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!


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