Sunday, December 2, 2012

Setting up the Christmas Tree!

I got to buy another tree this year! Since space is limited right now there was no way I could bring my BIG Christmas tree out so I saw a really affordable 7.5 ft "slim" tree in the Lakeside catalog.  And even though I don't like pre-lit, it's hard to find one that's not.  Anyway, it was $75 with shipping. I knew what I had in mind but it was slim and it was border line Charlie Brown.  I am used to 9 ft and huge so this was a change.  I started to assemble....
 Oh, and it has some pinecones too!
Fully assembled, not too bad.....
I saw inspiration on Pinterest to do Fall colors.  Browns, golds and light green and I knew I wanted to try it.  Here is the mesh I bought.  The gold is from HobLob at 50% off and the brown and green were much harder to find but I stumbled right on them tucked way at the bottom of a Wal-Mart shelf!

I started with the gold attaching it by wrapping one little branch around it, poufing it out and moving on down the tree doing that same thing.
Already looking good!
Here you can see it with brown, gold and green mesh, no decorations at this point.

 I went to Garden Ridge to see if I could find new balls in these colors and sure enough I did and they were all non breakable!  Now that this little place has wood floors and all.............
I bought some picks for the top, intertwined the balls in groups of 3 in between the mesh and it just started to look so purty!
I bought 2 yards of chocolate brown taffeta type material at HobLob for 50% off to use as the skirt and viola!  Our new tree is born.....
I will have another post in the next week or so showcasing all the special little ornaments up close so stay tuned and Tis the Season to be jolly!


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