Thursday, December 20, 2012

Going to see Santa

Last weekend we made the trip to the mall to see Santa. The shirt I thought my son was going to wear is too small.  He grows at an alarming rate and since it's never cold here and he doesn't dress like this for school, his Santa/ picture taking wardrobe is limited.  Plus he complains about anything long sleeved or pants. That being said the mall really does it up!  And this year it was a whole new set up.
Huge trees, HUGE reindeer, tons of lights, walk thru Christmas tree, you name it.
We could not figure out why the line to see Santa was relatively short but we jumped on in! Come to find out that was the second line, the line where you view and purchase your photo/s. Ok, bummer.
So we headed to the OTHER side and it was short too!  Guess why?  You enter your phone number electronically and they TEXT you when it's your turn to get in line.  Brilliant! Here are my boys in front of the ginormous reindeer display.
It was like a complete Winter Wonderland.
Of course I had to put the camera away as we neared Santa. Dominic was nervous so he could only muster one thing - a helicopter!

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