Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dominic's 1st soccer game!

Dominic finally showed interest in a sport, soccer!  Thanks to the Houston Dynamo....  We signed him up at the local Y for Winter soccer, Nov-Jan, 7 games total.  He got strep throat the day before his very first game so this was the first game I could photo this past weekend.
He is obsessed with goalie. OB-SESSED.  So he asked coach and sure enough he was goalie to start the game.
K pulled a muscle in his leg that had him on crutches hours before this game so I was left to go solo.  I really needed my hubs for this one, little did I know.
We played a team that was kickin our butt.  A very well oiled machine. VERY.  It was like the MLS meets Bads new Bears. They scored 4 goals on D in the FIRST QUARTER. Perfect. Now I am sweating. Nervous. Stressed. You name it. Uh!
I thought there was a lesson to be learned here.  Being goalie is A LOT harder than it looks.
Second quarter, benched.  Not because of his mishaps as goalie but because we had 3 kids benched per quarter.....
Getting in the action.
Chasing the ball.....trying to get into it more.  Engaging is the term his daddy keeps telling him. ENGAGE, get in there son.
 I had to take a pic of the other teams goalie, GLOVES and all.  He is huge, it's supposed to be 1st and 2nd grade but this kid and 2 two others were big!
Needless to say we lost and had a sympathy meal at Taco Bell.

 Here's to the very beginning of sports I suppose!

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