Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

We made our way to Kerrville again this year since we are living in the small apartment.  I made cookies for Santa with my baby.
This baby....
My one and only baby that I love with all my heart!

 And Elfie made it all the way from Houston, surprise!
Love these ornaments on my MIL's tree...

Time to frost....
Make a mess.....

And lick every other time or EVERY time, whichever :)
And because life is always so busy and mama forgot the sprinkles at home, HEB in Kerrville only had patriotic sprinkles left, Santa is not partial!

 Then my babes got behind the camera....
Then back to mama after bath and in Christmas jammies!
And Oh! I spy a geen machine and a helicopter!

 Twas' the night before Christmas!

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