Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Art Project

Dominic is at a really fun age (6) and I am finding that I need to have little art projects for him on the weekends if possible. On Sunday. While he is bored. During football season.While I am trying to cook big meals!
I am sure you have seen this one at Hobby Lobby.  It was 50% off of $12.99

Plus these two paints at $1.99 less 50% and I already had the paint brush and glue gun. Total project cost under $10!
Like any kid he loves to paint ANYTHING. We started with the red blocks. It took several coats over a period of a few days for the whole project, not gonna lie. You have to include various paint drying times along the way between coats and errands and work and school and life.

 Once all the red ones were done we started on the green ones.

It did take several coats as the wood just absorbed the paint immediately but I wanted them to be painted on all sides (except the bottom) because I foresee these with our family for years to come and you never know which way you will display it!  I also initial all our projects and date them on the bottom so we can look back and say, "remember when?"
See, no painted bottoms! We I punched out the letters included in the kit and laid them out.

His second favorite things is the glue gun.  Look at those tiny little fingers!
Then we glued the letters on accordingly to spell out Merry Christmas.
 Ta-da!  Bright and Vibrant. You and I both know we have seen these for sell for more than $10!
 My proud little Texan fan who went thru a GB packer phase and has the shirt to prove it.
 Merry Christmas!

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