Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wings Over Houston 2012

We skipped the air show last year due to just being busy!  The last time we went was 2010 so this year Dominic is 6 yrs old and really interested!
There was a ridiculous amount of traffic this year so we learned that trying a different route was no good!  
Even our own H.P.D. (Houston Police Dept) were out there this year representing. Here is one of their copters.  

And another one with the drop basket for rescuing people. Dominic was so interested as was I. 

I had never seen one like this before.  Looks like it came straight out of E.T. or something with the satellite thing on top.
My hubby was in the Marines so he wanted a photo with his boy.

This cracks me up, Dominic using the binoculars.
This big daddy was a Hurricane Hunter.  When we went inside it had the list of all potential hurricanes they had gone thru and Sandy was already on the list, a few days prior to ravaging the East Coast.
Me and my little man.....
Everyone loves the jets.......
That was then, this is now........
This is Fat Albert, I kid you not.  Part of the Marine Corp.
And alas, the Blue Angels.  Incredible, amazing, fantastic, you name it!
Flying extremely close in one of their patterns, two were upside down and two were upright - amazing talent!

This is where they fly towards each other and at the last minute they turn to the side to pass and I could not believe I caught it on camera!

Another great year at the air show!

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