Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Halloween 2012 was short and sweet.  Since it was during the week we knew it would be. Kids can't wear their costumes to school like when I was a kid so they look so forward to trick or treating. Dominic kept calling himself a white ninja, although the costume packaging said GI Joe.  Oh well ,whatever makes him happy!
Pretending with Daddy before we headed out.

Professional pose, ha!
We decided to head back to our old neighborhood to treat or treat since we are currently in the apartment.  It was not cool out (of course) and I did start to feel mosquitoes.  This family always has several jack-o-lanterns on display - Go Texans!
This was the MOST decorated and lit up house......and they did not answer the door! Whatever on that!

Dominic collected a ridiculous amount of candy and was happy none-the-less. The joys of being 6!

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