Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dynamo Eastern Conference FINALS!!

The Dynamo keep winning so we got tickets to the game on Sunday against DC United.  Dominic is really digging soccer!  This was our second game and man, I can't tell you enough how fun these games are! Action packed the.entire.time.  Obviously we need to buy some crape paper too!
It was a sold out game.........a sea of orange!
Pre-game with my boys.......

It was Veterans Day so there was added mentions and a flyover during the anthem by the coast guard helicopter!
I love how MLS games involve the players walking out on the field holding hands with a child.  I need to research the meaning behind it/ tradition of it and figure out how to get my boy down there!
Dynamo WON 4-1....every time we score a goal, you guessed it - MORE STREAMERS on the field! Now the team heads to DC United for a game there, wish us luck!

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