Monday, November 26, 2012

Clearing out Fall Decor

I always put my Christmas out mid November, definitely before Thanksgiving.  We are never here for Thanksgiving plus I want to enjoy my decor as long as possible.  Since we are in an apartment right now that gave me a good reason to order a "slim" tree to see how I could transform it!  My big tree is just too big for our little space anyway.  But first, all Fall decor had to get packed up.  As soon as I mentioned it to little mister bed head one Saturday morning, he was Johnny on the Spot collecting!
Ahh, my pretty floor plant just could not survive in the apartment.  Not enough light so it was slowly dying. Boo!
Granted, there wasn't that much but as per usual I missed the Halloween spoon rest in the kitchen no matter how many times I do a final sweep! And see that pretty yellow vase in the back ground? Yes, well that is no more either.  Thanks to the 6yr old who bumped it and it shattered on the wood floor.  Bummer..........
We got everything back in the totes and shipped off to storage.  Next up, Thanksgiving 2012!

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