Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 - part 1

We decided we would surprise my in laws with a refrigerator for Christmas.  It seems as though their main one in the kitchen is always stuffed to the brim so what better gift than a second (smaller) one!  That being said, they were having everyone over for Thanksgiving and we knew it would be useful then so we took it up! Kevin saying surprise and opening the back of the Tahoe.
It was on clearance/ close out at Home Depot so we got a really good price for it.  It's 10 cubic ft and it fits perfect in their laundry room.  They seemed to really like it! I did not get any more photos but trust me when I say by that evening it already had food in it, ha!
Dominic is really into soccer so he brought his ball and his daddy did a lot of kicking the ball with him.


Here he got bopped in the face on accident.....

He is trying not to laugh but his head might be spinning from the hit......

There was the daily feeding for the deers.....

And of course the Houston Texans were playing a game that day that turned out to be C.R.A.Z.Y but we are now 10-1 for the season, yipee!!
 Now moving on to football with daddy....
And questioning his throw......
Here is the bird, golden and perfect.  We all feasted on the usuall trimmings and had a great time!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Clearing out Fall Decor

I always put my Christmas out mid November, definitely before Thanksgiving.  We are never here for Thanksgiving plus I want to enjoy my decor as long as possible.  Since we are in an apartment right now that gave me a good reason to order a "slim" tree to see how I could transform it!  My big tree is just too big for our little space anyway.  But first, all Fall decor had to get packed up.  As soon as I mentioned it to little mister bed head one Saturday morning, he was Johnny on the Spot collecting!
Ahh, my pretty floor plant just could not survive in the apartment.  Not enough light so it was slowly dying. Boo!
Granted, there wasn't that much but as per usual I missed the Halloween spoon rest in the kitchen no matter how many times I do a final sweep! And see that pretty yellow vase in the back ground? Yes, well that is no more either.  Thanks to the 6yr old who bumped it and it shattered on the wood floor.  Bummer..........
We got everything back in the totes and shipped off to storage.  Next up, Thanksgiving 2012!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Just to document because I do look back at posts as reference points, my little man woke up with 101.8 last Friday.  Ironic, I already had the day scheduled off to clean and decorate our new small(er) tree for the apartment.  I always thank the Lord (literally) when things happen on Friday-Sun so I can take care of my baby without worrying about anything else.  Of course the doctor swabbed him and it came back positive for strep!
This is all the photo I could get.  He was on the couch ALL DAY, had chills yet was burning up.  Thankfully we got the antibiotic and he feels much better.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dynamo Eastern Conference FINALS!!

The Dynamo keep winning so we got tickets to the game on Sunday against DC United.  Dominic is really digging soccer!  This was our second game and man, I can't tell you enough how fun these games are! Action packed the.entire.time.  Obviously we need to buy some crape paper too!
It was a sold out game.........a sea of orange!
Pre-game with my boys.......

It was Veterans Day so there was added mentions and a flyover during the anthem by the coast guard helicopter!
I love how MLS games involve the players walking out on the field holding hands with a child.  I need to research the meaning behind it/ tradition of it and figure out how to get my boy down there!
Dynamo WON 4-1....every time we score a goal, you guessed it - MORE STREAMERS on the field! Now the team heads to DC United for a game there, wish us luck!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Halloween 2012 was short and sweet.  Since it was during the week we knew it would be. Kids can't wear their costumes to school like when I was a kid so they look so forward to trick or treating. Dominic kept calling himself a white ninja, although the costume packaging said GI Joe.  Oh well ,whatever makes him happy!
Pretending with Daddy before we headed out.

Professional pose, ha!
We decided to head back to our old neighborhood to treat or treat since we are currently in the apartment.  It was not cool out (of course) and I did start to feel mosquitoes.  This family always has several jack-o-lanterns on display - Go Texans!
This was the MOST decorated and lit up house......and they did not answer the door! Whatever on that!

Dominic collected a ridiculous amount of candy and was happy none-the-less. The joys of being 6!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wings Over Houston 2012

We skipped the air show last year due to just being busy!  The last time we went was 2010 so this year Dominic is 6 yrs old and really interested!
There was a ridiculous amount of traffic this year so we learned that trying a different route was no good!  
Even our own H.P.D. (Houston Police Dept) were out there this year representing. Here is one of their copters.  

And another one with the drop basket for rescuing people. Dominic was so interested as was I. 

I had never seen one like this before.  Looks like it came straight out of E.T. or something with the satellite thing on top.
My hubby was in the Marines so he wanted a photo with his boy.

This cracks me up, Dominic using the binoculars.
This big daddy was a Hurricane Hunter.  When we went inside it had the list of all potential hurricanes they had gone thru and Sandy was already on the list, a few days prior to ravaging the East Coast.
Me and my little man.....
Everyone loves the jets.......
That was then, this is now........
This is Fat Albert, I kid you not.  Part of the Marine Corp.
And alas, the Blue Angels.  Incredible, amazing, fantastic, you name it!
Flying extremely close in one of their patterns, two were upside down and two were upright - amazing talent!

This is where they fly towards each other and at the last minute they turn to the side to pass and I could not believe I caught it on camera!

Another great year at the air show!