Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sold. Stored.

It's been a month since I blogged.  I thought about giving up.  I can't shake this feeling of being defeated right now.  In the last 30 days my boy started first grade, I packed up 2,800 square feet of house in two sections (stuff for storage and stuff for the temporary apartment), sold stuff, donated stuff, had a horrible chest cold that landed me on the couch for 4 solid days AFTER working all day, moved both of those halves that were packed up and worked a minimum of 45 hours per week. Oh yea, and I still cooked, cleaned and laundered what needed to be laundered.  And I have a helpful husband but that is not what this is about.  It just became overwhelming. Blah. I am exhausted. I enjoy blogging but most of all I love that it's my family scrapbook so I am really trying. I have no idea how other working moms (outside the home because I know we all work) keep up!
Here it is: the home we built and brought our baby home to.  Our first home. It was bittersweet saying goodbye but it was time.  It's time to move on to the next chapter for our family.
This little guy has had a hard time with the move.  Even though we talked to him for months about the possibility of selling and moving I guess it just wasn't the same as actually SELLING and MOVING. He is all boy.  Always looking for the next adventure.  I thought this would be right up his alley. Wrong. This rough and tough little man is also the most sensitive and loving little boy with a big heart. He was taking it personal so to speak.  Nothing is changing for him (this school year) except where he lays his head at night.  After we buy another home he will have to change daycares and schools but we'll take one thing at a time.  We have and always will give him the tools he needs to succeed including being up front and honest with him about change.  Change is inevitable.  It happens all the time.  This was his first taste of that and he had to work thru almost 4 solid weeks of crying every morning since the day school started, at drop off.  We kept talking with him, I checked with daycare and I checked with his teacher.  All insisted he was fine.  He was becoming increasingly sad with each box we packed and stacked.  His surrondings were changing and he said he did not know what to expect since he had never moved before.  Sounds cute now but it was hell for several weeks, take my word. I just kept praying for my son that the Lord would give him peace, courage, wisdom and guide him and finally he said he likes our new place!

This was part one of the move.  Storage. Dominic was so excited to go up and down the ramp on the truck with the wheelbarrow (dolly)....He got confused on the name.  He even brought me one box on the dolly and shouted, "Here Mom.  This one says FRAGILE."  Perfect.  I can't be six places at once.

 This is the 10x20 - Appears small in photo but it's not.  We stacked and stacked and got a lot in there with room to spare.  We also had to get a small one for outdoor grills and lawn equipment. So yes, 2 storage bills every month.
 The in laws came in town to help us pack the last of the house and move items to storage and the apartment.  Dominic is so attached to their dog Sasha, it brings him to tears when he had to head off to school.  Perfect, additional emotion, additional tears!
I made one last trip to the house to put touch up paint and I could not help but take some photos of it empty.
The buyers are getting a beautiful well maintained home.  I hope they can create as many wonderful memories as we did.

 Kevin and I both said we won't miss the black granite and all the finger prints! Crossing our fingers the next house has a lighter color granite!

We painted his room and added a chair rail before he arrived.  Like it was yesterday.
We planted oak trees and my favorite esperanza (yellow blooms) and crape myrtels. May the Lord continue to let the rain come down and grow these things up high. I'll miss 'em.........

I took my photos and turned and had a quick moment with slight watery eyes then I locked up and said goodbye. 

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