Thursday, October 4, 2012


We looked at several apartments but in the end we liked these the best.  We had specifics such as first floor (6 yr old running feet), mid September move in, safe, secure, etc.  It's 1,200 sq feet with an attached garage so it's like a townhouse really.  It's cozy! It's cute! It's expensive! It's temporary. God knew this was the one we needed to move in to so he sent us back for another visit. And get this, the tenant before last put in faux wood floors at their own expense, score! So, here it is all decorated. The sectional was upstairs in our gameroom and hardly ever used.  Fits perfect. Love when that happens!
Cozy kitchen. Got crowded quick last night. Still thankful and blessed.
Breakfast/ dining area.  Love the natural light that comes in, it's just enough.  And the crown molding, never had that before.  Wall o' mirrors, well circa 1990 but they do open the space up I suppose.
From living room looking towards outside patio then kitchen/ breakfast table is around the corner to the right. I actually don't feel too crowded.   

Another angle, I am standing with D's room and full bathroom behind me as well as the front door (we use garage entrance) Our master is the room in the rear of this photo.
Little man's room set up exactly the same to limit too much change for him.  He has a full bathroom thru the door to the right and he loves showering and getting himself ready there each morning.  NEVER would do that back at the big house upstairs alone, who can blame him?
Entering thru the garage there is W/D to the right behind doors and a built in computer desk to the left.  Didn't think I needed to photograph those.  I like this little hallway where I put a shelf up on one side and my bench and a wall mirror on the other.
Our master is exactly the same, minus 2-3 square feet.  So, our dresser is in D's room in this house, we could only fit the armoire. Minor adjustments, no biggie.
I am standing in the doorway to our master bath with a standing shower and an L shaped counter with his/ hers sinks.  Pretty big actually but did not think a photo was needed.  So that is our cozy little temporary place for now.  We'll take a break, breathe a little and start to look for a house early next Spring!

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