Friday, October 12, 2012

Houston Dynamo!

Last weekend we decided to attend our first Dynamo game. They are an MLS team with a relatively new stadium here in Houston and the ticket prices were reasonable.  Reasonable works for us because we have yet to find a sport that will keep the attention of the 6 yr old.  He will be 12 before he gets to attend a Houston Texans game with those ticket prices, ha!

A cold front was set to blow in right about the time we arrived....at the outdoor stadium. The stadium is really nice by the way!
The stadium is just big enough.  Still cozy in size, loved it!
 There's the cold front.  Literally, we sat down and within 10 minutes the winds picked up and the temp dropped, love Fall!
Warm up time.  Dominic was REALLY interested in what soccer was all about.
You can't believe the fans cheering/band section.  Like high school football only they played and chanted THE.ENTIRE.GAME.  It was awesome to share in their spirit!
Pre-game festivites and this is where my camera died.  Yep, seriously.  No bueno if you want to blog, I know.  For the record, the whole family enjoyed the soccer game, there was not one dull moment AND it kept Dominic's attention the whole time..........so much so he is now signed up for Winter soccer at the YMCA!


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