Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dictionary Day

Last week we had dictionary day.  Choose a word, display the word and the definition somewhere on your outfit and possibly try to dress the part.  And in true school fashion we had approx 48 hrs notice to get this together.  I am a planner so this stresses me out.  I get the theory though, that if they send home information too early, it is forever lost. So, whattaya do? Keep trying to make it all happen! While Daddy and Dominic were working on spelling words I was walking around this little apartment racking my brain on what we could do.  Most things are packed in storage so I was hitting walls it seemed. Then it hit me!  He has his Home Depot Kids Workshop apron so his word could be "builder" or "handyman" etc.  Daddy said Handyman was best. Here is the apron in front of my laptop screen.
 And Webster's definition......
They had a link for us to view for ideas from past dictionary days and most had an index size card attached so I printed it out and stapled it to the apron, easy enough!
And kept rehearsing the actual definition with Dominic so he at least knew what he was! ha!
 We were deciding on which color bandana to wear and I thought he looked cute here.
In the end, the tan color was the one he wore.  Here is his thumbs up before leaving for school.  We made our Friday stop at the local donut shop and saw three other kiddos dressed up too.  At the end of the day he did tell me he had to take it off because it was "itchy"......!


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