Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tx Renaissance Festival

 Last year was the first time we went and we had a great time!
 We got another beautiful day of sunny, clear and a bit cool for our second adventure out there.
 Dominic and daddy about to pay for the bungee.
My big 6 yr old, strapped and ready.
Here goes!
Major high and you could see it on his face each time it went WAY up!
Have you ever seen stripes like this on a pony?
Suiting up for the rock climbing wall now......
And he did it again!
He said this was his favorite, the huge swing.
Arms up little man!
 This year we caught the jousting.
Great costumes......
And last but not least the swing AGAIN, this time with Daddy!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cutest Country weddin'

We headed West/ Northwest through College Station on to Franklin, Texas for a wedding.  Mark is the groom and my MIL's godson.  He was also an usher in our wedding 8 years ago now he is a married man!  Here are my two boys getting ready.
This melts my heart.
How precious is it when you see your husband be such a good daddy?
Dominic all dressed up with his Papa K
A quick shot with me outside the church, a bit windy.
My blurry photography but I could not resist showing this precious photo.  They were able to decorate with mums and pumpkins a lot since it is October!
An old time typewriter set up as a display encouraging you to write the couple a sweet note.
Then clothespin it to the branches.  It was full by the end of the night.  How fun to read all the "advice" and well wishes!
My MIL's best friend Dot, came from New Jersey to spend time with them in Kerrville as well as travel to Franklin for the wedding.
 All the table centerpieces were so detailed and right along with the country theme.
Big handsome and little handsome.
These pumpkins spell Just Married and they were lit by candlelight, great soft glow just off the dance floor.

Dominic with my dear in laws.
Enough said.....
Speechless, gorgeous.
 Dominic's favorite?  It was a various assortment of candy, salty snacks, popcorn, etc.  All self serve in your own little brown bag.  It was called "Trail Mix" how cute is that?  Major hit with all the kids!
 The "bar" area. Eat, drink, dance and be Married. Not sure who made all the signs but they looked great.
 The happy couple. So sweet and so in love. That is longevity.
 Best Wishes Mark and Carri!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quick breakfast! Egg in the hole

I made this quick breakfast before we headed out to the Tx Ren Fest yesterday morning.  I knew we would eat food there but we needed a little something in our bellies.  Of course, where I can, I enlist the help of my little guy. Here is what you need: bread, butter, eggs, real bacon bits and shredded cheese.
I chose a 6 muffin pan instead of 12 based on our family size and not knowing if the little guy would even like it.
I gave him a butter knife and had him cut the crust off.
For some odd reason, he liked to eat it - GO FIGURE.
After all 6 slices had the crust removed, flatten the bread with your palm and butter each.

Then stuff one piece into each section.

Crack open 1 egg and drop in. **Note, I had jumbo eggs and they were too big so I had to rid of some of the white before opening the whole thing.

Top with crumbled bacon or real bacon bits.

Then top with shredded cheese.

And smile.....cause your momma told you too. Or cause you always smile for the camera when momma has it out!

Bake at 355 degrees for 20-25 minutes.  Just check em and you can tell.  I would have added salt and pepper and more cheese next time but overall quick, easy and good. I suppose if you use biscuit dough it would rise too high but knock yourself out!