Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1st day teacher gift - DIY Crayola Wreath

I always like to take a little something to the teacher on the first day of school. For Kinder this is what I made and it turned out so cute.  This year I wanted to try the crayola wreath.  I figured it could not be that hard and I was right.  Supplies needed were minimal.  A foam wreath, ribbon to wrap the wreath (I chose animal print to match the classroom because this year's theme is "Wild About Learning") crayons and a glue gun.  Kevin was at the store to pick up the crayons so I had no way to gage how many.  Needless to say it was about 100 crayons for this wreath so we donated 4 other boxes to the classroom!
Wal-Mart had these Crayola crayons for .50c a pack 
Little man was happy to help.  I wrapped the ribbon first and just glued in various places to ensure it stayed put.

That part took about 10 minutes WITH HELP....
Of course he wanted to do the glue gun.
I made sure not to put two of the same color next to each other and of course place them all the same direction with the word Crayola facing up to make it look uniform.
Then I added just one flower with a rhinestone.
Just a tad bit o' bling!
I went through my ribbon bin and found this wire ribbon to tie around the top for her to hang it by.

Easy peasey and Dominic hot glued all 100 crayons without losing interest so it was a fun project that he helped with! Mrs Arnold LOVED IT!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

First day - 1st grade

As I did last year and plan to do as long as I can (or as long as he will let me!) I took off from work the first day of school.  I love to walk my little guy in to his classroom.  School started on a Monday this year and we had "meet the teacher" the Friday before.  Mrs Arnold is his new 1st grade teacher and she is very sweet.  I believe we have been blessed again this year.
I could tell he was a little nervous and as you can see his crazy face below was the best I could get inside the house.  New backpack and lunch kit packed and ready to go!

Then we tried some outside....

Oh, there's a smile!

Truth be told as soon as we walked outside the trash pick up was taking place and I suppose no matter how old a boy is, they are still mesmerized.  So while I was trying to get photos he kept wanting to turn his head towards them! Here is his "1" for first grade.

I met him at school so he can ride the bus and there is no confusion on what his transportation will be.  She is taking his name and marking him as getting off that particular bus.  They have a very well organized system but we have also talked in detail to him about this.

This is his new teacher Mrs Arnold.  She is due in November with her first baby!

She loved her Crayola Wreath (DIY post to follow) and hung it up right away then I snapped a photo of the two of them with the wreath in the back.

I thought everything was going really well so I stayed a minute and took some photos and talked up 1st grade to him. etc.  Here is his seat.  We saw 3 other names of kids he already knew so I thought double perfect!  But.....

See the nerves starting with the fake smile? That is when I knew it was time to go.  I kissed him and told him have a great day and I will see you this afternoon and we'll get that first day of school ice cream treat.  As I was almost gone I told his teacher I liked her shirt and she said something about it being maternity. That sparked up some conversation for a minute about her first baby and that is when I turned around and he was briskly headed my way, tears filling his eyes and his arms wide open. Bummer. I stayed too long. I had to fight back my own tears as he had me in a choke hold. I talked him through it the best I could and I was able to leave.  Then I got to my car, Kevin called to check and I just started crying too!  I am just not sure exactly what happened.  It's the same daycare, same daycare bus, same hallway even, just a different teacher and some new friends. I am realizing more just how sensitive Dominic is.  He is ALL BOY ALL THE TIME but he has feelings big time!  I told Kevin I don't want him to be the needy boyfriend type, ha! I know he will be fine.  

Here are some fun pencils we ordered him for homework this year.  He gave me a big hug and said, "Thank you mom."  Brought tears to my eyes.....

And this prayer says it all.

Have a blessed school year everyone!