Monday, August 20, 2012

Cruise 1st port - Progresso, Mexico

After a day at sea, our first port of call was Progresso, Mexico.  Cruise ships are new to this port so the business is slower and not as populated as a port like Cozumel.  We heard the sites were not much to look at unless you wanted to see the Mayan Ruins.  We did not, so we knew we would stay on the ship that day and continue with our theme of complete and total relaxation. We arrived at 8am but the boat docks several miles from the actual island due to water levels not being deep enough to anchor a ship. This photo is me standing on the ship and you can see the long pier below that takes you to the island.
Just proof we were somewhere sunny by some sort of water, ha!
We just mozied around, ate, played some bingo, drank and then made our way to the Lido deck for some sunbathing.  Men In Black 3 was on the big screen and there were not many people that stayed on the ship so it was really nice (even though I never felt crowded any other time)
It was docked a full day so towards the afternoon we decided to get off the ship and go to the little shops right off this pier. A sweet lady insisted on taking our photo so we let her!
And then it was back to our one person photos!
You can see how close the ship is to where we walked around, got a beer and did some shopping.
From the waters of Progresso....
K snapping one of me before heading back on....
There was still some time left before the ship left and all of a sudden a storm started to roll in. We went to the deck to watch.
I could not believe how hard the rain came down and soaked all these people trying to board!  Some people wait until the last dog gone minute!

Next up, Cozumel!

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