Sunday, July 8, 2012


Something you never want to hear, "He has all the signs of pneumonia." Well, we did.  Somewhere between the end of school and 2 weeks into swim lessons, the barking seal started but he was just more hoarse when he talked.  A mama knows. A mama knows when signs are pointing in the opposite direction of where they should be pointing.

I just need to document this because the same thing happened last year after the start of swim lessons but it took a turn and went the Croup route which we are no strangers too either.  When I tried to refer back and look at the blog I had not documented that so this time I made sure to.

Thankfully we are well now after a 10 day antibiotic and a 5 day steroid.  And thankfully the Lord blessed us with this on a Saturday morning at 5:30am so I had two full days to get my baby better before missing any days of work (I am nearing my vacation renewal and kind of cutting it close). 

The hoarse voice turned into some cough then some barking cough then some 103.1 fever. We headed to the after hours pedi clinic where the pedi on call was amazing.  He said oddly enough his lungs sound clear but I can tell by looking at him and based on what you have told me his symptoms are, he has pneumonia. Eek. Sadness filled me. This doc was not giving up.  He said I am going to find it.  He had Dominic remove his shirt so he could listen and use both hands to tap certain places on his back and lungs.  Then he found it.  He told me to just listen as he tapped the right side and it sounded solid then he tapped his left side and it sounded hollow. There it was, he found it in his left lung.  I was so thankful for modern medicine right that second (and a million times before too).

We post poned swim lessons but we still have two more.  This boy LOVES water so I am not sure how the rest of the Summer will go but I will just cross my fingers he will remain healthy!

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